Five Beautiful Easter Ideas

1. The story of Barabbas and Jesus

BarabbasA great story to tell about the power of Easter "Barabbas was listening hard. The crowd went quiet and he could hear a man's voice speaking. The next thing he heard was a great shout "BARABBAS, BARABBAS, WE WANT BARABBAS!" "Wonderful!" thought Barabbas. "It must be my mates, come to get me out of prison!"

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2. Praying for the persecuted church - the complete liturgy

kaarsen7A complete liturgy in pdf based on the seven words of Jesus on the cross. You can use these seven creative prayer ideas to help children, teenagers and adults pray for persecuted Christians and the persecuted church all over the world. 

To download the complete PDf file, click on this link.

3. An interactive story for Good Friday

goodfridaySo many things seem to happen between the arrest of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. How can you help the children to make sense of all that happens?  In this idea we offer you a short script that you can use to 'walk' through all the events of Good Friday with the children.

To download the complete PDf file, click on this link.

4. Decorating the cross

crossA big wooden cross is lying on the ground. In small groups the children get a few minutes to decorate part of the cross. Every child can glue beads to the cross, paint on the cross, or find another creative way of expressing what Jesus’ cross means for him or her.

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5. An interactive Resurrection story for children

easter1This is a fun interactive story about the resurrection of Jesus. You can do this in an Easter service, in a school assembly, in the sunday school. Anywhere where you are celebrating the resurrection of Christ with children.

To download the complete PDf file, click on this link.

Of course these are just some of the Easterideas on Creative Kidswork. 
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