Object lesson: ‘Let's build a tower’ - Joshua's defeat at Ai

A fun object lesson for your Sunday school lesson on Joshua 

Use this object lesson / Bible game in your Sunday school lesson, children's ministry, Bible lesson or youth ministry to tell the Bible story of Joshua, who wants to take the village of Ai. After the mighty defeat of Jericho, Joshua thinks it’s going to be very easy. Instead of being obedient and trusting in God, Joshua decides to trust in his own strength. 

How do you help children think through the different issues of pride, trusting, and doing it your own way in this Bible story?

Lets us build a tower object lesson about Joshua defeat Ai ideal for Sunday school lesson Bible lesson christian youth work Bible story kids church

What do you need:

- lots of plastic cups

What do you do:

Tags: Old Testament stories - easy to tell, Object lessons, Games , Humility / Pride, Trust / Fear