Bible Story: ‘John the Baptist’ - easy to tell

A Bible story about the ministry of John the Baptist

If someone wants to give you a message, what's the best way of doing it? Telephone? E-mail? Write a letter? If you didn't have any of those, how would you tell someone the message? Yes - go and tell them yourself! Before Jesus came, there was a special messenger. He was Jesus' cousin!

Have any of you got any cousins? Did you know Jesus had a cousin? He was just a few months older than Jesus, and his name was John. Lots of people are called John nowadays, aren't they? (It's the English version of Yohanan, which means God is Gracious). John was God's special messenger. In fact, God told his Mum and Dad before he was born that this boy would be very important - he would prepare the way for people to believe in Jesus.

As John grew up he realised he had a special job to do. His Dad Zechariah had been given strict instructions by the Angel Gabriel about how he was to bring John up.

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Scripture reference

Matthew 3 / Luke 1

An easy to tell Bible story

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