507. Ten amazing object lessons using hydrogel beads and a hot pan

What happens if you place hydrogel beads into a hot frying pan?

They start to bounce and make lots of noise! It is called the Leidenfrost effect.

hydrogel balls in hot frying pan

Even if you’ve never heard of the effect, you've probably at least seen it in your kitchen. It occurs when a droplet of liquid, say water, comes in contact with a hot surface, say a frying pan, raised to a certain temperature, and the droplet creates some vapor between it and the pan. As a result, the droplet doesn't actually touch the surface. Instead, it's levitated, skittering around the pan on its vapor cushion rather than evaporating quickly as expected.  (source: insidescience.org)

Watch this YouTube video to see this amazing effect.

We offer you ten Biblical object lessons using this cool science experiment:

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