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Experiment - Hydrogel beads: ‘The good and bad kings of Judah’

A cool science experiment with hydrogel beads on the important role that kings played in the life of Judah.

After the rule of king David and king Solomon the nation of Israel splits into two separate nations: Judah (the two tribes) and Israel (the ten tribes). During a period of 219 years the kingdom of Israel had 19 different kings and they were all bad kings . None of them led the people back to the Lord. Instead they encouraged the people to worship at the shrines in Bethel and Dan. Or, like king Ahab, they even encouraged the people to worship idols, like Baal.

In this object lesson we look at the 20 kings of the kingdom of Judah. Some of them were good and led the people back to God. Others were bad and led them astray from God.

Here is a list of the twenty kings:

  1. Rehoboam - Bad king 
  2. Ahijah - Bad king
  3. Asa - Good king                                
  4. Jehoshaphat - Good king                                
  5. Jehoram - Bad king                         
  6. Ahaziah - Bad king                             
  7. Athaliah - Bad king  
  8. Joash - Good king
  9. Amaziah - Good king   
  10. Uzziah (Azariah) - Good king 
  11. Jotham - Good king
  12. Ahaz - Bad king
  13. Hezekiah - Good king
  14. Manasseh - Bad king, but repented
  15. Amon - Bad king
  16. Josiah - Good king
  17. Jehoahaz - Bad king   
  18. Jehoiakim - Bad king
  19. Jehoiachin - Bad king
  20. Zedekiah - Bad king

In this object lesson we’re going to use hydrogel beads and a hot and cold frying pan to demonstrate the importance of the kings in the life of the kingdom of Judah and to think with the children about the questions:

- Which of the kings had you already heard of?
- What is the difference between a good king and a bad king?
- Why is it so important if a king is good or bad?
- Who do you listen to? Who are your leaders?
- Do your leader bring you closer to God?
- How can we become good leaders ourselves?

This object lesson will really help you to look at the role of the kings of Judah within your Sunday school lesson or kids ministry.


kings of Judah, good and bad kings, leadership, rebellion towards God, repentance, becoming a good leader


You can download a complete worksheet which will help you to do the object lesson and teach about the importance of kings in the life of Judah and becoming a good leader yourself.

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