Bible Story: ‘Zacchaeus, come down quickly’

“Zacchaeus,” says Jesus, ”Come down quickly, because I must stay at your house today.”

Ask the children if they know what a tax collector is.

You could play a game in which you pretend to be a tax collector. Give the children some coins (play coins or real coins) and say that you have come to collect the tax that they owe.
Make a list on which it says for example that a child has to pay one gold coin. Make sure that the others can see that it says one, but ask two. Then you can carry on ‘Ha-ha, on the list is says one coin, but I asked for two!!’ Put one coin in the box: ‘This is for the Roman bosses.’ Put the other coin in your pocket. ‘And this one is for me.’
Do this a few times and always ask more than is on the list.

The children will soon realise that you’re not being fair. Ask the children who had to pay if they liked paying more. Why not?
The tax collector is not being fair. He’s actually stealing the money.
No one wants to be his friend, no one likes him. He is a thief.

I’m now going to tell you a story about a tax collector:


An easy to tell Bible story

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Scripture reference: Luke 19:1-10
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