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YouTube video: ‘The Scarecrow’ - a story about Abram leaving Haran

Watch this short video with your Sunday school class 

A beautiful short video story about a scarecrow that leaves a big, ugly and soul degrading factory to find home and be a real blessing for others.

the scarecrow

Watching it made me think of Abram leaving the city of Haran to find his real home and be a blessing to all the nations. Other parallel stories in the Bible are the Israelites leaving Egypt with Moses to go the promise land or the Israelites coming home from their exile in Babel with Nehemiah.

You can show this video to the children in your Sunday school class or kids ministry and ask them:

- What do you feel or think when you see this short film?
- Can you see a link between this video and the story of Abram going to the promised land? 

Tags: YouTube videos, Abram / Abraham - patriarch, Blessing - to bless

Scripture reference: Genesis 12: 1-9
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