Sunday School lesson - OT - Psalm 24: ‘How can we take care of God's creation’

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Are you looking for a complete Sunday school lesson on Psalm 24; taking care of God's creation?

Taking care of Gods creation Psalm 24 complete Sunday school lesson for childrens ministry youth ministy kidmin VBS kids church Bible lesson Sunday schoolWe offer you the following ten creative ideas for your Sunday school lesson.

We understand that all these ideas are probalby too many to fit into just one Sunday school lesson, but we want to give you the opportunity to pick and mix, so that you can choose the ideas that fit with you and with your group of children.

Here are the following ten ideas for your Sunday school lesson for you to choose from:

*  The earth is the Lord’s - a children's moment
*  Time to flip the switch - an object lesson
*  Valuable things!? - an object lesson
*  The ice art is melting - a fun science experiment
*  What is carbon dioxide? - a fun science experiment
*  Carbon dioxide attacks the ozone layer - a fun science experiment
*  Carbon dioxide attacks the ozone layer - a Bible game
*  What is a climate refugee? - a creative experience
*  The parable of the talents - a creative prayer idea
*  A world full of prayer - a creative prayer & crafts idea

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Scripture reference: Psalm 24
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