Object lesson - Psalm 24: ‘Time to flip the switch’ - taking care of God’s creation

Use this object lesson to show the kids that we can make a difference

I have written a series of ideas and activities especially for Micah Sunday, that you can use during your Sunday school or children’s moment in church.

The theme of thise Micah Sunday is based on a text from Psalm 24: ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.’

It looks at how we as Christians can take care of God's world. This object lesson can help you in your Bible lesson on Psalm 24.

Time to flip the switch object lesson for Sunday school class bible lesson kids church christian youth work on taking care of creation

What do you need:

- a large wooden board with a switch or an arrow that you move to point to either of two different phrases: ‘my life’ or ‘God’s earth’.

What do you do:

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Scripture reference: Psalm 24
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