Object lesson - Philippians: ‘Fellowship in the Spirit’

What does it mean to have any common sharing in the Spirit?

Paul writes in Philippians 2:2 the following: "Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind." (NIV translation)

This is a fun object lesson on Philippians 2:2 about having fellowship with each other through the Spirit. It will help the children in our Sunday school lesson, youth ministry, Bible lesson, children’s church or children’s ministry to reflect on this powerful Bible passage.

Fellowship in the Spirit an object lesson on Bible book Philippians 2 for Sunday school lesson youth ministry Bible lesson childrens ministry school assembly

What do you need:

- a large ball of wool

What do you do:

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Scripture reference: Philippians 2:2
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