425. Psalm 150 - Happy, angry, sad

Lots of different feeling in the Psalms

Show the children the Bible and ask for their help in finding Psalm 150.

Psalm 150 is the last song in the book of Psalms. So there are lots of songs in the book of Psalms – 150 in total!

Psalm 150 praise the lord

These songs are all about God, but they are all different. One song might be about someone who is really sad, and another about someone who is really happy, or angry.

Read Psalm 150 together: read it once on your own with a neutral voice. Tell the children that we’re going to do some drama today. Make sure that you have (part of) Psalm 150 written up on the flipover so that everyone can read it.

The children can now take turns to choose one of the cards that you have prepared, with different emotions written on them. Then ask them to read the text with the emotion that’s written on their card. Ask the other children to guess which emotion it it. At the end, once everyone has had a turn, ask the children which emotion fits with Psalm 150. Why do they think this? Why do they think it’s the last psalm?

What do you need:

- A flipover with (part of) Psalm 150 written up on it
- Cards with various emotions on them (happy, sad, nervous, scared, in love etc)
- The Bible


15 – 20 minutes

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Scripture reference: Psalm 150
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