408. Daniel in the lion's den - a storyboard

Have you ever told a Bible story with a storyboard?

OAC evangelist and specialist children's worker Dawn Getley demonstrates in the video below how you can tell the story of the Daniel in the lion's den while using a storyboard. These storyboards are produced by Gary Stirling. They are very cleverly designed, so you can tell one story with just eight pictures. This one also has a clear gospel presentation in it. 

Dawn Getley tells the story of Daniel in the lions den

You can buy the script, the pictures and the instructions for 6 pounds at GarysBibleStories.

You can download Dawn's script and watch the video below...

Tags: Old Testament stories - easy to tell, Object lessons - ideas, Demonstration videos, Children's moments - in church, Sharing the Gospel

Scripture reference: Daniel 6:1–28
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