Magic trick - Dean’s box: ‘How to explain the gospel’

This is a brilliant illusion that will help you proclaim the gospel everywhere

In my younger days I worked as a street preacher. I wish I had the Dean’s box magic trick when I preached in the open air. It is a superb tool to proclaim the gospel. I bought mine very cheaply through Alibaba Express. The only problem was that it didn’t come with any explanation as to how the trick works. If you choose yours through Alibaba Express you can send me an email and I will send you a video in which I explain how the trick works. It looks great and it is very easy to do!

Deans Box2

Ask two people to come forward as volunteers. Give them each a coloured rope to inspect. The yellow rope symbolises God The red rope symbolises mankind The red wooden box symbolises coming home with God.

The good news is: people can return to God!

Deans Box

But how is this possible?

To explain this you need an energy stick from idea 198. You ask your two volunteers to take hold of the silver ending on the energy stick with one hand. Ask if you are allowed to touch their noses and when you do the energy stick will come alive. This will give a laugh. Especially when they are allowed to touch your nose with their other hand. You explain how the energy stick works with a small current of electricity that we cannot see or feel, but flows through us. It connects us. This is the same with Jesus. You cannot see or feel him, but he connects us with God.

Put the ropes back in the box, tie them on the top to the energy stick, pull the ropes and they are back together again. Amazing!

Deans Box1

Make sure your two volunteers get a big round of applause before they leave.

You can use this idea in a:

street evangelism, church service, open air evangelism

Watch the demonstration video

You can see me doing a full demonstration of this story and magic trick in the video below.

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