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Magic trick - Flip about Bible button: ‘How to tell the gospel’

Multiple changes, magical moments and a memorable message!

You show a large picture of a golden city and asks the children or congregation to guess what it could be. It’s the kingdom of heaven, but we may often feel like we’re not good enough to get into heaven. This is because of sin in our heart…and as he says this, the card flips open and change into a black heart.

flip about contents

But despite having bad thoughts, saying and doing bad things, we have can be forgiven because Jesus died on the cross for us. At this point, the card is flipped open and transforms into a white cross on a red background.

Jesus died for us, so that our hearts could be made clean. The card now turns into a white heart on a green background.

With a clean slate, we grow in our relationship with God and ultimately can enter the kingdom of heaven. And finally the card changes back to the image of heaven (and you’re now reset to perform it the next time too!)

Watch the video below

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