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Experiment - Floating orange: ‘God's protection for His people’ - FREE

How do you tell the Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace in a new way?

Or the story of Daniel in the lion’s den? Or the story of Jonah in the fish? Or the story of the Israelites walking through the Red Sea? 

Well, it's very easy. All you need is two oranges and a jug of water. Fun, easy, healthy and unforgettable!

You know, you can tell any story about God’s protection using these two oranges. Easy to use as a preaching illustration, in a Sunday school, during a children’s moment in church, in an school assembly or in a RE lesson.



Tags: Object lessons, Experiments , Demonstration videos, Faith / Unbelief, God's protection, God's care, Trust / Fear, Free ideas for all

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