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Experiment - Floating orange: ‘Jesus walks on the water’

A cool science experiment with a floating orange

What happens if you take a peeled orange and an unpeeled orange and place them both in a jug of water? Which one will sink to the bottom? Which one will float? 

Maybe a strange question, but a brilliant way to illustrate the Bible story of Jesus walking on the water. (Matthew 14:22-36; Mark 6:45-56; John 6:16-24)

Fun to do as a preaching illustration, in a Sunday school lesson, during a children’s moment in church, in a school assembly or in an RE lesson.

Watch our demonstration video below...

Tags: Object lessons, Experiments , Demonstration videos, Jesus, Son of God, Faith / Unbelief, Trust / Fear, Miracles of Jesus

Scripture reference: Matthew 14:22-36; Mark 6:45-56; John 6:16-24
You can use this idea in a: Sunday School lesson, Sunday school class, Sunday school curriculum, children's ministry, children's moment in church, Messy church, school assembly, RE lesson, youth work, youth group, preaching illustration, creative preaching, kids ministry, creative preaching, kids church