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Bible Story: ‘Jesus heals the ten leprosy sufferers’ - sketchboard

An easy sketchboard / Bible story that you can use in your chilren's ministry

In this town here, there were ten people suffering from leprosy.  Let's draw them in. (Invite them to count them as you draw them).   They were lonely and sad.    One day they heard that somebody special was coming to town.  Who do you think it was?  YES!  It was JESUS   (Complete the name) Jesus was coming!  Why were they excited?  How would they know about him?  There wasn't any T.V. or radio - perhaps the villagers shouted the news.  Here comes Jesus out of the town, with his friends (paint them in).  The ten sick people called out "HELP US!  HELP US!  PLEASE, HELP US!"  Jesus didn't run away.  He didn't say "Get away from me you filthy people!"  The Bible tells us that Jesus has time for every one of us.  Jesus cares.  (Complete the word). 


Scripture reference

Luke 17:11-19

A beautiful Bible story written by Korky and Anni Davey (OAC ministries). You can however also tell the story without a painting.

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You can download the story below:

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