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Magic trick - Slush powder: ‘Disappearing water’ - faith / trust - FREE

Use this powerful object lesson to demonstrate what it means to have faith

You take an seemingly empty cup. You fill the cup with water. When you turn the cup upside down, no water comes out.

How can this be? It is not because of the cup, but because of what is in the cup. It is a very easy Gospel magic trick that we will explain below.

best object lesson on faith

Why call it gospel magic, and not just a trick?

Because you can use this trick to explain to children, teenagers and adults what it means to have faith:

You ask a child, teenager or adult to sit on a chair. You fill the cup with water and you promise them that you will turn the cup over above their heads, but that no water will come out. They don't even have to blink their eyes. Can they trust you? It is hard to trust when everything inside you screams the opposite.

This is what faith is. 

You can combine this trick with stories in the Bible where people had to show great faith before the miracle happened.  Stories like the building of the ark, Abram sacrificing his son, Moses in front of the Red Sea, the fall of Jericho, etc, etc.


Trusting, having faith, unbelief, doubt

What do you need:

The stuff that you will need to do this trick is called 'Slush powder' and you can buy it through our friends at Mission Magic or here on Amazon


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