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Experiment – Insta-Worms: ‘Teach nine different Bible lessons’

Let us introduce you to Insta-Worms

"Create slimy, gooey worms—instantly! The moment the worm goo is added to the activator solution, worms magically appear. You can make fat worms, skinny worms, short worms, long worms, straight worms, zigzag worms, worm eggs, color-changing worms, or even a worm ring or bracelet. The secret is in the awesome world of polymer science.

How to teach nine different Bible lessons using Insta Worms
Makes more than 40 feet of worms. It's hands-on chemistry fun!"

It certainly is fun! Did you know that you can also use this with children in your Sunday school lesson / kids ministry or with adults during the church service to teach nine different Bible lessons, such as:

Idea 60 - the story of creation
Idea 61 - the story of the snake in the garden of Eden
Idea 62 - the calling of Moses
Idea 63 - the bronze snake in the desert
Idea 64 - Jonah and the worm
Idea 65 - Paul and the poisonous snake
Idea 66 - the importance of being constantly filled with the Holy Spirit
Idea 67 - the importance of clean water especlally in a situation of poverty
Idea 68 - you are a pearl in God's hand

By clicking on the links above you can see the stories being taught.

In this video below Katie demonstrates the use of Insta-Worms.
You can buy your own box of Insta-Worms here at Amazon.com and here at Amazon.co.uk.

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