Object lesson - Grass Head: ‘Discover the power of prayer’

Teaching children the power of prayer through the use of a Grass Head

As a child I struggled with sitting still during long prayers in church. When the adults finished their prayer with the word 'amen', I sighed a silent sigh of relief.

For lots of children 'amen' means: this is the end of the boring bit. Now we can get on with the fun stuff again!

Isn't it a shame that talking with an almighty and loving Father who listens and answers our prayers, has become something that is boring? How can we teach children within our Sunday school lesson or kids ministry the power of prayer in a fresh and visual way?

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In the video below I will demonstrate how any children's pastor or children's worker can use a Grass Head to teach the children in your Sunday school lesson or during a children's moment in the service the power of prayer and the meaning of the word 'amen'. All you need is a Grass Head and some patience. If you don't have the patience, you can use two Grass Heads like I do in the video. 

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