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Story: ‘The remarkable true Story of Romans 8:1’ - poverty / mission

Finding a home at the 'Jesus Garage'

David never knew his father, and was brought up with other brothers and sisters by his mother on little smallholding about 40 miles from Kampala, Uganda. When he was about 9 years old (he isn't quite sure of his age) his mother and siblings all died of a virulent form of malaria in the space of one week. The villagers helped him to bury them on the land near the house, but none of them could take him in as they already had too many mouths to feed. Remembering his school had taught him "Trust Jesus"; he decided to walk to Kampala to find some means of surviving. Several days later he reached this sprawling filthy city, and soon met other street kids: they showed him the best places to sleep and hide, and a source of good food - the skip at the back of the Sheraton Hotel where the wealthy tourists stay!

The story of Romans 8.1

They heard that Idi Amin's soldiers were rounding up street children to take them to work on his sugar plantations, virtually as slave labour. David did not want to be rounded up. Christian-run businesses in Uganda usually advertise the fact and he liked cars, so he knocked on the door of "THE JESUS GARAGE" and a very large man came out, surprised to see the little lad there. David remembers standing on tiptoe to try and look big, and asking him for a job. Taking pity on him, the man said he could be the sweeper up, and gave him an old car to sleep in - his first home for a long time! 

A beautiful story written by Korky and Anni Davey (OAC ministries) with an easy to do painting. You can however also tell the story without a painting.

You can download the story below:

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