Bible Story: ‘Jesus tells the parable of the Lost Son’

I thought you were DEAD, and here you are, ALIVE!

Once upon a time there was a young man.  He lived with his father and elder brother in one of these: (draw a door, roof and chimney on the 4). What is it?  A house!  But it wasn't an ordinary house.  It was a farm house.  His father had a big farm, with lots of people working for him, and he was very rich.  The young man knew that one day, when his father died, he would inherit a lot of money from the farm, but he didn't want to wait.  Do you like waiting for things?  He was bored with working on the farm.  He was  fed up.  He was the sort of person who said "I want what I want, and I want it NOW".  He was very selfish.  So one day he went to his father and said (Whine) "Dad....... DAAD!"  "Yes, son?"  " You know when I'm older I'll inherit a lot of money from the farm - well, can I have it NOW,  please?

The prodigal son

I'm young!  I want to get out and see the world!  I want to go places and do things and have a good time, NOW, while I'm young enough to enjoy myself, not when I'm older.........  please?"  And his Dad thought about it and he said "Yes, you can have your share now, if that's what you want." In fact that was an APPALLING thing to ask, because really, the young man was saying "I wish you were dead.  I want your money more than you."  What do you think of that?  But however hurt the Dad's feelings were, he arranged things so the younger son could have his share of the farm.  He must have sold it very quickly, and had to leave town fast, for the villagers would have been extremely angry with him. (Luke 15)

A beautiful Bible story written by Dave Glover (OAC ministries) with an easy to do painting. You can however also tell the story without a painting.

You can download the story below:

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