Object lesson: ‘The mighty peg’ - trusting in God's help

A fun object lesson for your Sunday school lesson on Joshua and Jericho / Ai

Use this object lesson in your Sunday school lesson, children's ministry, Bible lesson or youth ministry to tell the Bible story of Joshua, who wants to take the village of Ai. After the mighty defeat of Jericho, Joshua thinks it’s going to be very easy. Instead of trusting and being obedient to God, he relies on his own strength, and this doesn’t end well.

How do you illustrate this rather complicated story in such a way that children will listen attentively and understand what it is about?

You can use this idea on Joshua also as a children's moment during the church service.

Some children’s workers asked me this question recently and these four ideas came to mind. Here's the first idea:

Mighty peg object lesson about Joshua defeat Ai ideal for Sunday school Bible lesson christian youth work Bible story kids church

What do you need:

- two chairs
- washing line
- a big sheet
- enough pegs
- a feather of an handkerchief 

What do you do:

Tags: Object lessons, Children's moments in church, Faith / Unbelief, God's protection, Obedience / Disobedience, Trust / Fear

Scripture reference: Joshua 7
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