Object lesson - Christmas show: ‘2. Second piece of the Puzzle’

Use the puzzle piece of the candle to introduce the story line of Joseph and Mary 

After your own act about trusting using slush powder it is time to take the second piece of the puzzle out of the folder. It's a picture of a candle.

Christmas Puzzle 32

Put the second picture on the board; you can use the candle to talk about the dark times that the people of Israel were living in. Hundreds of years ago God had made a promise that the people walking in darkness would see a great light, but they couldn’t see anything yet. God still seemed very far away. The Romans were an occupying force that used brutal force to suppress the Israelites. There was lots of poverty. It was a dark time to be living in.

This second piece of the puzzle helps you to introduce the story of Mary’s meeting with the angel. 

You can do this too during your Christmas service, school assembly or in your Sunday school lesson

In idea 289 I demonstrate the use of the Christmas puzzle as the main story line in a Christmas show

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