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Puppets - Christmas show: ‘A ventriloquist act about trusting’

The Christmas story is all about trusting in God

In the video below I demonstrate a ventriloquist act with my puppet Harry. Normally I always do my ventriloquist acts in Dutch and will have practised a lot to get this right.

This is my first attempt at a ventriloquist act in English. It is a rough translation of a Dutch act I have done before and to be honest Harry and I have practised this act only once or twice before we shot it!

Ventriloquest act

I have chosen to do an act about trust. During my Christmas show the theme of trusting in God comes back time and time again. Mary has to trust God in order to become the mother of Jesus. Joseph has to trust God and marries Mary. They both have to trust God to provide a place for them in Bethlehem. The shepherds have to trust the angel as they travel to Bethlehem. The wise men have to trust the star and the angel to bring them to Jesus and  back safely using a different route. Joseph has to trust the angel again when he decides to flee to Egypt.

You can see a demonstration of my ventriloquist act in the video below.

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