Object lesson - Christmas show: ‘1. First piece of the Puzzle’

Any children’s or Sunday school worker can do this! You don’t have to be a professional to do this show!

You can start your Christmas show with the presentation of the Christmas Puzzle.  In total the show lasts about an hour, but of course you can make the show longer or shorter if you want. You can use a sketchboard / wooden board and velcro to stick the pieces of the puzzle onto the board.

Tell the children that the postman came to bring a parcel that didn’t fit through the post box, so he had to ring on your doorbell. You don’t know what is in the parcel. That’s exciting! Let’s have a look.

Take out the first piece of the puzzle. It's a picture of a Christmas tree. Put the first picture on the board and you are ready to start with your first act on the theme of trust.

Christmas Puzzle 1

In my case this is a ventriloquist act with my puppet Harry, but I have created another easier act for you.

The five pieces of the puzzle provide the main story line within the Christmas show. It helps you to tell all the individual stories and to combine them into one big story.

You can do this too during your Christmas service, school assembly or in your Sunday school lesson

In this idea I demonstrate the use of the Christmas puzzle as the main story line in a Christmas show.

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