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267. Decorate a large candle as a creative prayer idea for your kids ministry

Symbols on the candle as silent prayers...

On the floor in the middle of the prayer room there is a very large candle. Next to it there’s a notice that explains that this candle is going to be used in the services in the coming year, as a symbol of Jesus’ presence. We do this to remind ourselves that Jesus is the Light of the world and that He is always with us. Next to the candle are sheets of coloured candle wax. Children and adults can use this to decorate the candle, so that it will really become ‘their’ candle in the coming year.  

Decorate candle as creative prayer idea in sunday school class

What do you need:

-  a very large candle
-  sheets of coloured (candle) wax
-  a pair of scissors

Biblical themes:

Creative prayer, burning a candle, Christmas, Easter, light of the world


Children's Sunday School, children's ministry, children's work, kids ministry, Messy church,  small churches , prayer room

Scripture reference:

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