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Experiment - Rainbow of milk: ‘Creation / Noah / light & darkness / the cross’ - FREE

Create an unforgettable experiment for your Sunday school class

Did you know that you can create the most beautiful colour effects, even a rainbow, in a bowl of milk? The only things you need for this is a bowl of milk, different colours of food colouring (liquid) and a drop of washing up liquid.

This is not just a really fun craft, it is also a cool science experiment that will appeal to both the girls and the boys in your Sunday school class or your children’s ministry.

rainbow of milk

You can combine this experiment with several Bible stories or Christian themes:

The story of creation - creating something that is beautiful  (Genesis 1)
The story of Noah and the rainbow – creating a rainbow in the milk (Genesis 9:8-17)
The story of the Bethlehem star – creating a star in the milk (Matthew 2: 1-12)|
The theme of light conquering darkness – this works really well if you use lots of dark colours in the milk.
The theme of the cross – maybe it is an accident, but most of the effects in the video below change into a cross.


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