Object lesson: ‘Holy people because of a holy God’- God’s call to holiness

The importance of talking with 21st century children about what it means to live a holy life

Not only in the Old Testament, but just as much in the New Testament we are called upon to be a holy people, for our God is a holy God. Holiness is such an important theme in the Scriptures, that we come across time and time again. Just look at some of the Bible verses in the scripture reference in this idea.

How do we teach the importance of holiness when so much of its value has been lost in our current society?

Why is it so important that we teach children in the 21st century to be holy, as our God is holy? And how do we show this to the children in our Sunday school class, children’s ministry or the teenagers in our youth group, when the word ‘holiness’ has lost so much of its value in our current society. How do we stop God’s call to holiness becoming something in the eyes of children and teenagers that isn’t:  “Obeying a few strict laws from a ‘mean’ God till you’re old enough to make your own decisions and live your own life?”

Talking with children about what it means to live a holy life

The difficulties of growing up in a culture of no absolute right or wrong

How do we teach a generation that is growing up in a culture of no absolute wrong or right the importance of living a holy life? And what does it mean to live like that?

Preaching at them is easier, but starting a conversation is better

Maybe the following object lesson / cool science experiment will help you to get this conversation going with the children and teenagers. With our youth constantly being bombarded with messages opposite to the ones we find in Scripture, we run the risk of our Christian message getting lost inbetween all the other messages. We need to start a conversation with children and teenagers about these themes. Of course it is much easier to preach at children and teenagers than to start a conversation, but unless we start and continue this conversation we will not reach them with these important truths.

So I hope that this object lesson / cool science experiment will help you start a conversation about God’s call to holiness in the 21st century within your Sunday school class, children’s ministry, youth group, kids ministry or youth work

Watch the video below

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