YouTube video: ‘Scarlett’ - hope

Watch a short video about the Biblical theme of hope

This touching short story is all about hope. It is based on the words of Desmond Tutu who said: 
“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.”


The Bible also has a lot to say about hope. You can watch this video with children, teenagers and/or adults to talk together about hope. What is hope? Which hope do we have?

In idea 217 we show you how you can use this video as: 
- a short introduction to a Bible story, a Sunday school lesson, a RE lesson
- a longer reflection on certain Bible stories and /or Biblical themes

Watch the video below

You can use the video to introduce the theme of hope and maybe talk about one or more of these Bible verses.

Tags: YouTube videos, Faith / Unbelief, Light / Darkness, Trust / Fear, Hope

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