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Magic trick - Headless Cartoon silks: ‘The prodigal son’s dreams’

Telling the Bible story of the parable of the lost son to children

Day in, day out... It never seems to stop. As the prodigal son is working on his father's farm he is dreaming about the big city with all its enticing things. Who wants to know what the prodigal son is dreaming about? Ask four volunteers to come forward. Each of them chooses a colour: green, yellow, red or blue. According to the colour they choose you give them a headless silk in that colour. Together they demonstrate the prodigal son's dreams. (Luke 15:11-32)

headless cartoon silks

The use of Headless Cartoon silks within children's and youth ministry:

These beautiful silks, each with different characters depicted on them, but without their heads! This way, either you or your volunteers from the audience can hold up the silks and finish the pictures with their faces! Lots of fun for kids and adults, with audience participation and many comic possibilities. Includes four beautiful, 36-inch, 100% pure silks with routine ideas.

You can the Headless Cartoon silks for:
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Demonstration video:

Below you can a video in which we demonstrate how you can use the Headless Cartoon silks combined with the story of the prodigal son.

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