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Prayer idea - Abram's call: ‘An altar of thanksgiving with a lava lamp’

A demonstration video how you can create a lava lamp during your Sunday school lesson

Different people in the Bible created an altar as a way to thank God or to worship Him. They would collect a big pile of stones, put a sacrificial animal on these stones and burn it. That is what people in the Bible used to do then, but wouldn’t it be fun if we could make an different kind of altar with the children now. An altar that we can use to thank God for all the good things He has given us. Or maybe use to worship God with. Of course we can't use a fire or an animal, but maybe we can use a lava lamp…



Thankfulness, creative worship, building an altar

Watch the video below

In the video below we will show how you can create a lava lamp as an altar in a  very quick and simple way.

Tags: Object lessons, Prayer ideas, Experiments , Demonstration videos, Children's moments in church, Worship , Abram / Abraham - patriarch, Thankfulness

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You can use this idea in a: Children's Sunday School, children's ministry, children's work, children's moment in church, Messy church, school assemblies, RE lessons, small churches