Object lesson - Heart of Ice - a demonstration of God's love

Demonstrating the love of God through a melting heart of ice

How can we demonstrate the power of Gods love to our children in the church or within our family? How can we make something so beyond our understanding visual and tactile during a Sunday school lesson or as visual aid during a sermon? God's love is so amazing. Can we help our children and teenagers to experience a little bit of it?

Maybe you can use the melting heart of ice.

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It is very easy to do. You take a large silicone heart mould, fill it with chicken wire, add water and leave it in the freezer for 48 hours. After two days you take it out of the freezer and you got yourself an heart of ice.  You attach a wire to it, hang it from the ceiling and place a container underneath. 

During a Sunday school lesson, a sermon or during family meeting at home a you create a moment of silence. Hopefully the only thing you'll hear is the water dripping down from the heart of ice into the container.

This melting heart of ice is a brilliantly simple illustration to show that God’s love can melt the hardest of hearts. His love can break through to the hardest hearts. And God's tears are like the drops of water  that flow from this heart. 

Use it as a creative prayer opportunity

It is important not only to show this melting heart of ice, but also to give everyone the opportunity to feel this melting heart for themselves. We all know someone who is in great need of God's love. As you touch this melting heart of ice and as you feel the drops of water you can pray for this person. Maybe it is you. Then you can pray for yourself or ask someone else to pray for you.  



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