186. Do I have any talents? - the Traffic Light silks

One of my Christian children's theatre shows is about discovering your talents. During this show I use the change bag combined with the traffic light silks to talk about self-esteem and about discovering and developing your talents.


Self-esteem, discovering and developing your talents.

Change bag with traffic light silks
You can use the traffic light silks:
184.  To tell the story of the four friends and the paralysed man going through the roof
185.  To tell the story of Zacchaeus
186.  To answer the question: "Do I have any talent?" 
187.  To tell any Bible story...

Watch the video:
Below I show you how you can use this trick to talk with children, teenagers and adults about talents.

I will also show you where you can buy a change bag and a set of the traffic light silks.

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