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Bible story: ‘Jesus teaches on forgiveness - seventy times seven’

"Peter, one of Jesus' friends, had a problem like this. He asked Jesus How often should I forgive someone? How about 7 times 7? Jesus said “No, 70 times 7!”

While Peter was trying to figure that one out Jesus told this story:

“Once upon a time, there was a very rich man .. in fact he was not just a rich man but he was a .. (paint in crown) .. king. The day had arrived ... he had to settle his accounts. So he sat down at his desk with all his bills and receipts .... He began to check that all the people who owed him money had paid. “ £10 from this one .. yes. £50 from him .. yes. £500 from this one .. yes. Hello, here's one not paid! Who's it from? One of my servants! How much does he owe ?.... HOW MUCH? Bring that man to me at once!”...


Forgivess, the parable of the unmerciful servant, the parable of the unforgiving debtor

A beautiful Bible story written by Korky and Anni Davey (OAC ministries) with an easy to do painting. You can however also tell the story without a painting.

You can download the story below:

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