Bible story: ‘The story of the brave Queen Esther’

"Esther was gorgeous.  Her parents had died, and her relative, Mordecai, had looked after her since she was little.  He said "Let's put you in for that!  But don't tell anyone we're Jewish, O.K.?  let's keep it a secret, just between you and me."  Are you any good at keeping secrets?  

(Explain there are good secrets and bad secrets and sometimes bad ones need to be told, to someone like your teacher)

Esther thought about it and decided it wouldn't do anybody any harm to keep that secret.  She put on her best dress and she walked up and down the catwalk with the other lovely girls, (do so...) and she Esther WON the competition!  She remembered what Mordecai had said, and never told anyone the secret.  She had to spend a year training to be queen - how to behave, how to dress, beauty treatments and make-up and hair - how to dance beautifully for the King..."


Esther, asking God for help, doing the right thing, being a hero, feast of Purim 

A beautiful Bible story written by Korky and Anni Davey (OAC ministries) with an easy to do painting. You can however also tell the story without a painting.

You can download the story below:

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