164. Rainbow of snow: Jesus calms the storm

A science experiment the children will never forget!

In this video we use the rainbow of snow to tell the story of Jesus calming the storm.

This video is part of a series of seven which demonstrate the different stories and themes you can illustrate with the rainbow of snow.

snow instant

The complete series covers the following themes:

Idea 162.  Demonstration video with links to webshops
Idea 163.  Rainbow of snow – the promises of God
Idea 164.  Rainbow of snow – the story of the Jesus calming the storm
Idea 165.  Rainbow of snow – the names of Jesus
Idea 166.  Rainbow of snow – the diversity of the church
Idea 167.  Rainbow of snow – the fruit of the Spirit
Idea 168.  Rainbow of snow – the names of God

Watch the video below.

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