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Magic trick - Lota vase: ‘Teaching children on spiritual growth’

How can you combine teaching about spiritual growth with a empty metal vase with which you can pour water again and again?

That is a good question! I will show you the answer underneath, but let me first introduce you to the Lova Vase.

This is not just a magic trick. This is a powerful tool that will help you explain Biblical truths in a new and visual way. 

lota vase

So far I have used the Lota Vase:

Idea 148 - To demonstrate God's unending and overflowing love
Idea 149 - To tell the story of the prophet Elisha and the widow’s oil 
Idea 150 - To teach children on how they can spiritually grow
Idea 151 - To show children the importance of developing their talents
Idea 152 - To tell the story of the prophet Elijah and the widow at Zarephath
Idea 153 - To teach children about Jesus' promise of living water
Idea 154 - To tell any story in the Bible about flowing water

Watch the video:
In the video below I will show you how I use the Lota Vase to teach children on spiritual growth. 

Underneath I will also show you where you can buy your own version of the Lota Vase

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