Object lesson: ‘Using grass seed to teach the meaning of AMEN’

Picture this; today the group of children are extra rowdy. Maybe it's the weather. I don’t know...

It is time to start the children’s programme. Of course we will open and close with a prayer. But as usual it takes ages for the children to quieten down. Although they quieten down a little during the prayer, as soon as I say amen, they all explode into sound and movement.

To them, 'amen' means that the long prayer of thirty seconds is finally finished. We can act normally again!


This behaviour intrigues me. No, lets be honest; it annoys me a bit. Amen doesn’t mean ‘The End', as in a film.  It doesn't mean that we can make lots of noise again. Amen means ‘So be it' or 'I agree’. It is a promise and a hope that God agrees with our prayer.

But how can we create a change so that the children no longer think amen means we can act normally again? How can we help them realise that it means that God agrees with our prayer and that He will answer it?

So we came up with a plan...

A plan that involved grass seed and a plastic container filled with a layer of soil.
A plan that changed their perspective of amen for a while.

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