Crafts idea - Abram's call: ‘Footsteps in paint’

A fun and messy crafts activity that will help you reflect on the story of God calling Abram

This is quite a messy activity, which can go totally wrong very easily! So why would you do it? Well, on the other side this will create a fun and lasting memory of us walking through the stories in the Bible, starting with Abram.


Footsteps in paint crafts activity about the Bible story of God calling Abram walking to Canaan Haran for Sunday school Bible lesson youth work kids ministry

What do you need:

- paint brushes
- different color water-based paint
- large piece of painting canvas or wooden board


What do you do:

All the children are allowed to paint the sole of one of their feet with a certain colour. In turn they place their painted foot carefully on the canvas and we are left with a colourful piece of art: lots of feet in different sizes and colour. As a lasting memorial of our journey together through the scriptures. 

Tags: Crafts , Abram / Abraham - patriarch