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Storytelling tips - Storybags: ‘Tell the story of Noah’

Do you know what a storybag is?

It is a brightly coloured cloth bag that is used as a visual aid as you tell a Bible story. It is turned inside out to reveal a different coloured interior. As the story unfolds the bag is turned inside out again and again to reveal different colours corresponding to the story. The final colour has a zipped pocket from which small objects can be produced.


You can buy all kinds of different quality storybags, for example at the Church Lads & Church Girl's Brigade in the UK. They have a specific storybag for the Bible story of Noah.

Belov we show you a beautifully made storybag that you can use for the story of Noah.

The story of Noah, God's promises, the rainbow, Jesis as the ultimate solution for the problem of sin

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