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127. Rocky and the Bible story of Noah in the ark - Gospel Magic

We are always looking for new ways to tell Bible stories. One of these ways is through the use of Rocky the spring puppet. 

Rocky is very easy to bring him to life. Spring animals are a puppet that consists of a large spring covered with fur. You hold the spring raccoon in one hand, moving the head with you thumb and first finger. It gives the animal a very realistic effective and it's not uncommon for people to mistake it for a live animal!


Rocky can be ideally used in telling the Bible story of:

- the four friends bringing their paralysed friend to Jesus
- Jesus calms the storm on the lake
- Noah and the animals in the ark

In the video below we will show you how you use Rocky and the ZigZag trick tol tell the Bible story of Noah in the ark, the releasing of the raven and the dove and finally being able to go outside the ark into the new world.

Noah in the ark, Noah releases the raven and the dove, the dove with the olive leaf, being patient, trusting in God

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