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Puppets - The Frog / Prince puppet: ‘Telling transformation Bible stories’


When walking through Ikea I came across this frog puppet. I think they sell them throughout the world. It is a frog puppet that can turn into a prince puppet. This made me think...

What a great example of how people can change through God's love and God's power! As I was looking at these hundreds of puppets quite a few transformation stories came to my mind, such as:

The transformation story of Zacchaeus who becomes a son of Abraham
The transformation story of Saul changing into Paul
The transformation story of the prodigal son
The transformation story of Mephibosheth

Of course you can use any transformation story, such as the story of the blind beggar Bartimaeus or the story of Peter the disciple.


Repentance, transformation, being born again, discovering your identity in Christ, being the sons and daughters of God


I discovered that there are two different versions of the frog changing into a prince puppet.
The more expensive one is about 35 dollars and can be bought through Amazon.com

prins kikker

The cheaper version can be bought through the website or the shop of Ikea and costs about 10 dollars.

kikker prins

Watch the demonstration video

In the video below we will show you how the puppets work. In the following four ideas we will show you how you can tell certain Bible stories with these puppets.

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