100. The Bible Story Cards - let them tell the Bible story

How do you tell a Bible story to a group of children or teenagers for whom the story is so well known that they can probably tell it better than you? :-)

That is a tricky question!

At the same time the answer is very, very simple: ‘You don’t tell the Bible story.’

What!? You don’t tell the story?

No, you let them tell it to each other in such a way that it is fun, everyone participates, and the only thing you have to do is to ask good questions and share your own story.

There are three very simple, but effective ways of encouraging children and teenagers to share their insights into a Bible story:

Idea 98. The Junk Drawer
Idea 99. The Picture Cards
Idea 100. The Bible Story Cards
Idea 244. The Bible Passage Cards

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Below we look at the ‘Bible study cards’ method.

The ‘Bible study cards’ method
It is so easy to keep telling Bible stories to children and teenagers, but there comes a point at which it is more important to help them learn from the Bible themselves. Telling stories is good. Teaching children and teenagers (and adults) to read and learn from the Bible themselves is better.

To help us do this we have developed ten questions that you can ask yourself when you read a story in the Bible. These ten questions are specifically focused on the four gospels. When we used these cards we were doing weekly Bible studies with a group of teenagers from troubled backgrounds. Some of them would and did end up in prison. We wanted them to know a few questions for if they ever found themselves with a Gideon Bible in a prison cell. So we took half a year to go through the gospel of Mark. Each week we gave them all a piece of paper with a short passage from Mark. Then they would pick one of the ten Bible study cards (without looking at it first) and that would be their question about the passage that we were going to look at.

The ten questions on the ten cards are:

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