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Experiment - Useless box: ‘Jesus healing the centurion's servant’

Have you ever heard of a useless box? This is a modern gadget that you can buy here or here on the internet and that is seemingly totally useless. But...

We think it is a great way to tell Bible stories, such as: 

God calling Moses near the burning bush
Paul's struggle with the flesh in Romans 7
Jesus healing the centurion's servant 

Jesus heals the centurions servant

In the video below we will show you how you can use the useless box to tell the story of the meeting between Jesus and the roman centurion. When he asked Jesus to heal his servant, Jesus offered to come this house. "Oh no, I am not worthy that you will come to my house. Just speak the word and it will happen..."

Faith, authority, healing power, sense of worthlessness, pearl of great faith

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