Experiment - Instant Ice - Different Biblical Themes

An easy to do experiment that turns water into instant ice

Take a bottle of water and put it in the freezer for two hours. After two hours you take it out and carefully pour it into a glass. If you add an ice cube, it will immediately turn into ice. Don't you believe it?

Just watch the video below...

But how can you use this experiment in your Christian children's work, in church or in the classroom?


You can use it for example with:

- the Bible story of the Pharaoh in Egypt
- the story of the mustard seed
- the example of sin / Adam and Eve
- the Bible story of Jesus changing water into wine
- the Bible story of the storm on the lake
- the Bible story of Jesus walking on water
- growing in our faith
- Jesus as our foundation.

We will elaborate on this below:

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