Crafts idea - Abram counts the stars - What do you say?

A fun crafts idea about the Bible story of Abram counting the stars

God tells Abram in a dream that although he is an old man already, he is going to have a child, out of whom will come a very great nation. Abram listens to God and he believes Him,  and God is very happy with him.

Today we're going to make big ears that we'll tape onto a hair band. They look really funny. In the meantime we can talk to each other about the importance of listening to God and to each other.

What do you say crafts idea on abram counting the stars sunday school bible lesson kidmin

What do you need:

- strip with two ears printed on firm paper that you can download here
- cheap plastic hair bands
- tape
- colouring pencils / felt-tip pens
- scissors

What do you do:

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