Crafts idea - Abram counts the stars - Make a starry sky

A fun crafts idea about the Bible story of Abram counting the stars

Look at the sky, Abram. Can you count the stars? I will give you as many offspring as the stars that you can see. Can we create a 'real' starry night?

Fun Bible game on Abram counting the stars Ducttape minefield Sunday school Bible lesson

What do you need:

- wooden skewers
- black cardboard
- foam base
- adhesive tape
- electric tea lights
- image of the starry sky that you can download here
- large black board (2 x 2 metres)
- yellow and white paint
- small paintbrushes

What do you do:

Tags: Crafts , Abram / Abraham - patriarch, God's promises, Light / Darkness, Trust / Fear