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Drop-in activity - Abram counts the stars - Make a 'trustworthy' tower

Ideas that children can do before the programme starts. Suitable for children's work, where children gradually trickle in.

Today we are going to hear a story about Abram who has to trust in God again. First, God asked Abram to go to a new land and leave his old life behind. Now God asks him to trust that one day he will really have a child, even if he is already older than a grandfather.

Drop in activity game Abram counts the stars kidmin

What do you need:

- newspapers
- adhesive tape
- a book

What do you do:

When the children come in, give them a pile of newspapers and a roll of tape. They are going to build a tower in small groups, but not just any tower... they have to make the highest tower they can, but they also have to be able to rest a book on the top of it, so it has to be stable.

Which group will build the highest tower that can stand on its own and that you can put a book on?

If the children are younger, you could build a tower together and try to build it so that it does not fall down.

Tags: Object lessons, Games , Abram / Abraham - patriarch, God's promises, Trust / Fear