Object lesson - Parable of the Talents - Multiply your talents - FREE

What happens if you multiply your own money?

In today's parable, an important person gives money to his servants with the instruction to multiply this money. This is an exciting form of work in which you invest in children in a very practical way, with the hope that it will generate something for a good cause.

Walk in activity on the parable of the talents childrens ministry sunday school lesson

What you need:

- money

What do you do:

After you have told the children the story about the talents, give them all 50 cents or 50 pence, or one dollar or pound or maybe five dollars or pounds (depending on your budget...).
Ask them to do something with this talent to see if they can multiply it. All the money they get from this goes to charity. They are not 'allowed' to put the money in a piggy bank or spend it on sweets for themselves! The intention is that in the coming week they will do something with this talent, with this money, to multiply it.


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